Hello Nerds, Geeks, and Freaks.

I’m sure i don’t need to explain what Star Trek is to all you fine people, but did you know Star Trek included many items we didn’t have back when it first aired in 1966.

Most of the items on this list were not even considered just yet and many during that time would have considered it simply science fiction.

1. Tablet Computers: The tablets we today use to play games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds played a big part in Star Trek. However, they were not called iPads and Galaxies, they were called PADDS or Portable Access Display Devices.

2. Replicators: Star Trek fans abound, whether your a James Kirk or a Jean-Luc Picard fan, know the phrase made famous by Picard ‘tea earl gray hot.’ While our 3D printers are not food capable yet we are as closer to a Star Trek replicator than ever.

3. Voice Interface Computers: Every starship had that little voice you could ask anything and it would respond back with an answer. ‘Computer where is the nearest bathroom 🚻.’ Well, not that, but our own versions of Star Treks computer – SIRI and Google Home – perform similar tasks by answering all our inquisitive inquiries.

4. Automatic Doors: Nothing more frustrating than having your arms full and no one to hold open the door. Star Fleet officers never had that issue the door opened upon their arrival. And now, at least at stores, we have that luxury as well.

5. Phaser: Well we dont have ones that we can carry in our pockets to inmobilizer wouldbe bad guys, the Dazzler was a direct energy weapon used in Iraq during the war. The non-leathal weapon temporarily disables your opponent with a blinding flash.

6. Communication Badges: Beam me up Scotty. The insignia badges made famous, worn by Star Trek officers allowed them to communicate at a distance with a tap to the device. Today, thanks to VOCERA, hospital workers can do the same. The handsfree wearable device allows physicians, doctors, and health teams to communicate at the tap of a button. Doctor to sickbay!

7. Hypospray: In Star Trek the handy little hypospray containers could fix you right up. Today, MIT has created something along the same lines. The medical device created by MIT delivers a jet injected medication into the skin at 340m/second in under a millasecond.

8. Flip Communication Devices: When out of range for the communication badges, many Star Trek officers simply pulled out and used their flip communicators. Fast forward a decade or so and people who wanted to communicate on the go pulled out their – you got it – flip phones. While smart phones have taken over the communications scene flip phones are still in production and selling.

9. Video Calling: When a hailing came into the bridge the Captain of the starship told his communications officer ‘on-screen.’ Video calls meant no rolling your eyes at the Klingons for the Star Fleet crew and now when mom or grandma video call you you cant roll those eyes either. Of course, mom always knows when you do it anything – even without a video call.

10. Biometeric Data Scanning: Fingerprint unlock, Voice Recognition, Retinal Scan; these devices and more allowed devices in Star Trek to use biometeric data and now in our modern world these devices allow use to unlock our phones and disable our alarm systems and much more.

There you have it folks Star Treks scifi world beat us to the punch and I am certain our reality will continue to mirror the amazing advances that fiction has.

Till next time,

Stay Nerdy – Stay Geeky – Stay Freaky


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